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    Jieyang Lingdong mould Co. Ltd is located in Guangdong Province, Jieyang City, North Xing Mei Jiangxi, east of Fujian, west of Shenzhen special zone, Chaoshan City three important transport hub, not only Sanjiang waterway connecting the South China Sea to shipping, but also Jieyang Chaoshan airport advantage, is a three-dimensional logistics distribution center in East Guangdong terraqueous empty, has a unique geographical advantage.

    Lingdong Mold Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, after 20 years of steady development, the factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, technical staff workers nearly 100 people, is a strong technical force, advanced equipment, experienced workers in large private plastic mold manufacturing enterprises. The company has the spacious and bright modern standard workshop and advanced processing equipment, the Japanese Hamayi processing center, Taiwan import processing center, large Longmen milling machine and a variety of vertical, horizontal milling machine 30 sets, 15 CNC lathe, machine, CNC EDM machine, drilling machine, grinding machine and a total of 32 sets of CNC wire sawing machine cutting, size type crane, aerial vehicles 15. The production process and molding technology independent R & d die, especially has a great advantage to large and medium-sized plastic mold manufacturing and processing.

    Lingdong professional production of various kinds of daily-use plastic and industrial plastic mold: began to study from 1986, the development of various kinds of plastic mold, with international advanced level equipment through the introduction of domestic and foreign, including the processing of CAD/CAE/CAM system, complete center, computer 3D scanner, computer control of CNC discharge machining center and so on, not only can according to user requirements, design and manufacture the diverse needs of the mold products, also make the mold quality reach the service life of the die and the warranty period. The production, sales, technical level in the forefront of the same specifications.

    Looking to the future, keep pace with the times. Jieyang Lingdong mold business philosophy: the development of the company in good faith-based, strict control of product quality, safeguard the interests of customers, adhere to the customers and achieve mutual benefit and win-win,. There always keep pace with the times change, continue to explore, innovate, strive to keep the mold industry leading position in technology.

    Dedicated mould, die charm value feeling, enthusiasm, dedication of the ridge East, will continue to revitalize national industry promote Yeongdong hundred years brand for the purpose, promote the modernization of the equipment manufacturing industry as our own duty, to build China brand leaders rather die